To Be or Not To Be Productions


LEADING MAN- 35-50, attractive, vigorous, heroic.
LEADING LADY- 30-45, attractive, stately, elegant, ladylike.
SECOND MAN- 30-45, handsome, less sympathetic, good at villains and light comedy.
SECOND WOMAN- 30-45, elegant, often with a touch of mystery or eroticism about her.
YOUNG LEADING MAN- 20-30, handsome and boyish.
YOUNG LEADING WOMAN- 18-25, love interest, very sexy, charming, delicate.
The CHARACTER MAN- 50-70, plays fathers and aristocrats, distinguished, authoritative.
The CHARACTER WOMAN- 50-70, plays mothers and great ladies, distinguished and elegant.
SECOND CHARACTER MAN- 50-70, more common, often portly, good at comedy.
SECOND CHARACTER WOMAN- 50-70, more common, often stout, good at comedy.
The LOW COMEDIEN-30-50, good at physical comedy.
The SOUBRETTE- 25-40, a coquette, sexy, earthy, good at comedy.
The CHARACTER JUVENILE- 18-25, offbeat or funny-looking, good at comedy.
The CHARACTER INGENUE- 18-21, offbeat or funny-looking, girlish, good at comedy.